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Pollinator Pocket

Pollinator Pockets - Making our environment better!!

Pollinator Pockets are very popular urban landscape features. They are small wildflower patches that fit well into the corner of yards or other places. Their name comes from their role in being made up of flowers that produce pollen which attracts butterflies, bees and birds such as hummingbirds.

Many times these flowers are simply commercially-produced popular flowers like black-eyed Susan, purple coneflowers, coreopsis, asters and phlox. But Pollinator Pockets can also be comprised exclusively of native, local plants. These are the plants that are most valuable in propagating and preserving the local butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. And that is an important point these days because those pollinators are an important part of ecology and often their very existence is threatened. There are more endangered and threatened native wild plants and animals in Lake County than in any other county in Illinois. Planting these ecological treasures and making seed and transplants available to others can help reverse the losses.

But there is another aspect of Pollinator Pockets that is even more precious than the ecological preservation - the opportunity to have a piece of God's divine natural creation to walk by or through on a regular basis; the opportunity to learn about and appreciate and be a part of and enrich this precious divine entity. And in the process enrich our own lives and the lives of our children and friends.

Joyful Harvest planted an indigenous Pollinator Pocket this spring! Stop by and see what's blooming!!

Tijuana Mission Trip

Tijuana Mission Trip Recap!

Joyful Harvest is changing people's lives again
by building houses for the homeless!

Check out the pictures in the narthex of our last trip to Tijuana, Mexico! Ray Pratscher and Theresa Anconca lead our 2018 mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico this summer to build houses for the homeless from June 22-28. We built three houses for families who experienced total destruction of everything they owned in a fire in February. Thanks to the help of 11 volunteers on the trip and countless people who gave of their time, talents and treasure, those three families now have hope for the future.

We're already in the planning stages for next year's trip, so come and let us know that you are interested in being part of a life-changing opportunity - for both you, and the families that receive the help! And if you can’t get away to be part of the trip, perhaps you might help out with prayers or financial support!

Have questions? Want more information about how you can get involved? Contact the church office at (847) 497-4569 or email and we'll help you help others!

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